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Royz Et Vous
Thursday, April 16, 2015 @ 3:36 PM | 0 individual(s)
By now anyone who follows me on my social sites would know how hardcore of a foodie I truly am. My mood can easily be liften, comforted or dampened tremendously depending on how good or terrible the food I'm having could be- real talk.

I felt like I needed to share this food joint that I give absolute credit for not at all being overrated or being one bit of a disappointment, it needs a lengthy post of it's own. And to me, this cafe has has exceeded my expectations, the food here is really fantastic! Im already thinking of paying a visit over the weekends.

I first visited the place with my partner, and we truly enjoyed the food so much that he even held my surprise birthday celebration there for myself with the company of the people I care for. I may not be a food critic but lets just say my taste buds are extremely particular and it recognizes great food. 

 The potato skin was too delicious we gobbled it up a little too quickly I almost forgot to take a photo!

This is my absolute favourite: Grilled meltique beef. I highly recommend anyone who visits this cafe for the first time to try this out. The meat was absolutely tender and succulent, and it's not plain on it's own, I could taste how well seasoned it is. It's already tasty even without dipping it into the sauce.

The carbonara pasta! Another option i genuinely enjoyed, better than most that I've had I'd say. 

Smoked Duck Breast which my friends did enjoy. Not exactly a duck fan, can't help but think of how cute they actually are :(

With the man responsible for going through lengths for making my birthday such a special one. I was genuinely shocked because I thought I already received a surprise celebration from him the night before!

Yes it's wine, but halal wine, how so? Zero alcohol of course! Courtesy of the cafe.

The guys with one of the chefs and the store's deputy operation director in the middle. Matter of fact, they weren't supposed to be working that day, but they came down specially for the event as my partner came down in advance to inform them of his intent to hold my celebration there. I was genuinely touched! 

You see there is nothing better than a place that is extremely welcoming to their patrons.My partner and I truly enjoy how friendly the people at the cafe are, from the operation director, owner and even the chefs! Thats always a bonus, not to mention the deliciousness of the food of course. Since our first visit the stors operation director was more than happy to befriend us and hold conversations about the cafe, from what was told, I understand they might actually even possibly shift into a bigger location, YAY to that if it happens! Goodness like these deserves to be shared!

Update:  "Our tentative last day operations will be on the 3rd May. Moving forward we are in the transition for relocation to a bigger unit with more food options including kids menu. If time permits, we could even do Iftar in Ramadhan Insya Allah."

Details of the cafe:

 17, Bali Lane. Singapore 189853, Singapore 
Operation Hours
11am - 10pm (Sun-Thurs & Public Holiday)
11am - 11pm (Fri, Sat & Eve Public Holiday)
Closed on Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Hari Raya Haji

Phone: +65 6293 0270

Way Overdued: The 30th birthday edition
@ 2:39 PM | 0 individual(s)
Being a hopeless romantic, i find a great need to make to celebrate the birth of the important being in my life in a very special way, given that my big man was turning 30, i figured it was one of those go big or go home situations, BUT of course to each it's own, i have absolutely no issues with making the celebration as low scale as possible and going with just something thoughtful but this time round i felt the need to gather his close ones around, being his beloved family and friends, the photos as follows

Venue details: The Bunc @ Radius Upper Weld Road

Prior to the celebration, i had so much difficulty in searching for a venue, i mean i did refer to We are spaces for some ideas but none of it felt right for me, here's a link for those who might find it helpful instead http://blog.wearespaces.com/top-10-21st-birthday-party-venues-singapore (you're welcome) but then i came across Bunc Radius (http://www.bunchostel.com)for a 5 hour block option to rent out their movie deck and i didn't give second thoughts about grabbing it. I mean from the photos it looks like a pretty neat place to hold a party, i had absolutely no theme in mind, just a fun loving and cheerful venue and this definitely seems like it. Im fully aware the idea of holding a birthday celebration in a hostel might not exactly be the first thing that comes in mind, but that's exactly what i liked about it! 

Another hostel I'm aware of that offers rental rates by the hour for special events would the Shophouse Social Hostel, yes the one directly above the ever popular Working Title Cafe. 

Being very detail oriented i requested to have a site recce to fully be able to envision what i could do with the venue or if it was true to photo and most importantly if it would suit my liking. I highly recommend this to anyone who has qualms and doubts over a venue that they are holding their special event at because the last thing you would want is to be disappointed on the actual day itself. 

I loved how the staff at Bunc were extremely accommodating to my request, upon my arrival they gave me a tour along with a printout which has a breakdown on what will be provided and what can be available upon request. Initially i wanted to book a bbq pit (YES!! ROOFTOP BBQ!!) but… i felt that 5 hours was too short of a timing and it might be a rush… but again, this depends on your own preferences.

With that being settled, next was the guest list, which wasn't really that hard because i've learnt who the people who held a special place in his heart were very well over a short period of time. And finally a theme! I wished i had more creativity, or at least the energy to conduct a super cool themed party e.g.: super hero, pirate, nerd alert, dream occupation, or something along those lines but no… i decided on a black and white party, keeping it real classy for the big 3-0

Decorating items weren't the most extravagant and elaborate but to name a few;

Black and white pompoms to hang around
Birthday banner with the mans face on it cos clearly he's the main focus!
20 black and pearly white balloons 
Striped table cloth for the main table
Polka dot table cloth for smaller tables

                Just to give a good idea of how wide the site is and how it looks like! 
So if you're looking for other options for celebration venues, this just might be it! Hope it might help those who've asked! :D

End and my beginning
Thursday, July 31, 2014 @ 5:14 PM | 0 individual(s)

Fresh starts aren't always bad, especially when your fresh start has appeared to be the missing puzzle that's meant to teach you why it could never work out with anyone else. I understand that many have questioned on my ask.fm on why i have not yet written a post on affairs of the heart and it has nothing with wanting to keep things private, as clearly (if you're on my instagram) i am more than happy to flaunt this special being in my life because he has made me whole again.

Thank you Ridhuan Muhammad for coming into my life and showing me what it's like to be looked at with such tenderness in your eyes which speaks on it's own of your adoration for me. Thank you for showing me that a good man does exist and for always showering me with kindness. Thank you for loving me so much that at times i wonder what have I done to be deserving of it but i couldn't be more grateful.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014 @ 1:52 PM | 0 individual(s)
Although I have deleted many of my older entries, i assure brand new fresh entries will be coming your way. Stay tuned darlings!
No longer on formspring
Friday, July 05, 2013 @ 11:15 AM | 0 individual(s)
Bullying, it can be in many forms
Thursday, July 04, 2013 @ 10:52 PM | 1 individual(s)
People tend to ask me why I am the way I am, and usually I tend to shrug it off and smile because in my head all I could think of was “Where do I begin”

Lets begin with early childhood, I was never the girl who was able to quite fit in, I never understood why, but I did not heed too much attention to it. Things didn’t aggravate further until I got into secondary school. I remember vividly I was in secondary  1 when all the vicious rumors about me had started, mainly by a young boy who displayed interest in me but I turned down in a very tactful manner I would say. But somehow the perverted rumor which was pretty impossible to be true managed to spread like wildfire in school. At every turn I’d find groups of people chattering as I walk by and it didn’t just stop at that, I’d find crude remarks about me drawn on the tables in school, and writings about me in personal blogs all of which described me as being shameless and describing me to be one with “no pride” As a 13 year old girl, I was wide eyed and excited to embark in a whole new world and ready to embrace new friendships, but clearly friendly faces weren’t trustworthy, the spoke to me only for “new information” apparently. The secondary school that I was in was a small one, word goes around very quickly and I would eventually get to know the sources of where all the information was coming from.  When the headmistress picked me out during assembly and questioned the  validity of the rumor itself, I felt it was my last straw. I did not understand how shallow one could be to believe in it at all but most of all, I could not believe how cruel a person can be to tarnish my reputation, when I was afterall just another girl who wanted to create memories in secondary school.  Being a firm believer of standing up for whats right, I approached the Headmaster and the school counsellor to speak of my woes. I felt reassured when they told me that they would do their own investigations which led to a public apology from the boy who started the rumor to begin with. Things seemed to mellow over after the apology,i even had genuinely nice people who came up to me and apologized for believing in it in the first place. I was convinced things would change and as for myself, I became closer to a group of guy friends instead, one of the reasons being the fact that I grew up having 2 brothers at home and that somehow makes me more comfortable speaking to guys and afterall, ¾ of the girlfriends I made in school turned out to be vicious and ruthless and would spare no thought in taking pleasure to bring me down. But I wasn’t one to be vindictive, I grew learning to trust again, which at 16 felt like a mistake. I grew closer to a handful of girls, classmates specifically, but there was 1 particular girl who I felt was the meanest of them all. It amazes me how quickly everyone worshipped her despite her character, I didn’t care much for it, in fact I constantly ended having silly arguments with her because I did not have any tolerance for her behaviour until there was a day that I accidently left my wallet under my table and left for another class, and when I came to realize this I quickly rushed back only to find $70 over missing from my wallet, at that point of time I was in complete fear as the money belongs to my parents and they would expect me to give them back their change. And there they were, my so called friends and the “mean” girl herself still in class. I asked them if they knew who took my money and they claimed they didn’t and even displayed their best “shocked” expression as though they were completely clueless. They even offered to “lend” me my OWN money which I was gullible enough to accept as at that very moment, all I felt was fear. When I got home my parents were really kind enough to understand the situation and my father told me to pay back the money that I “owed” my friends immediately. It wasn’t till I was having my o levels that 1 of the girls confessed everything to me, the information the girls have been spreading about me, the money the stole from my wallet. I was in complete disbelief clearly. It scarred me horribly and I wasn’t able to be trusting  of new company and the people that I meet because I was and still am so afraid.

Because I didn’t have as much friends as a healthy teenager would, my attention shifted on developing BGRs, only to get myself involved in an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships does not necessarily have to be physical, it can be (emotional, phsychological, verbal) The implications that emotional abuse can have in a person is far more devastating as it can affect both physically and mentally, and needless to say I was very much affected. I grew to believe that the person was my pillar, and what happens when the pillar crumbles- I crumble even harder.  It is important for us to recognize the characteristics
  • Threatening to leave
  • Smashing things
  • Controlling you through minimizing, denying and blaming
  • Making light of the abuse and not taking your concerns about it seriously
  • Continually criticizing you, calling you names, shouting at you
  • Emotionally degrading you in private, but acting charming in public
  • Humiliating you in private or public
  • Withholding approval, appreciation or affection as punishment

To have to go through all these definitely isn’t a joke, imagine the potential inflictions it could have on a person especially on their mental health. For a moment I grew into hating myself very much. What was worst was when the person takes pleasure in belittling me, making me feel insignificant and worthless and wanting me to believe that I was a horrible person and I will never ever be loved again. Little did I understand that somehow by making me feel smaller about myself, he felt bigger, like he was righteous. That isn’t right.

Love isn’t always beautiful, it has it’s struggles, but a couple should constantly work together to make it right and not against one another, afterall, both parties have the same goal- to have a prosperous relationship. Never allow yourself to be degraded because each of us are unique individuals who deserve to be loved, cherished, respected and honoured. As individuals, it is alright to want to be a better version of ourselves for the people we love but make sure it benefits you in your character, never ever change for someone blindly., and in return be with someone who appreciates you, your flaws and your strengths, and loves you wholeheartedly.

Do I regret going through what I have went through? No I don’t. Our experiences mould us into the people we become and I am pleased with the person that I have grown to be. I believe that it has made me stronger, it has made me learn to love without conditions, it made me into someone who cares for the people around me and want to handle them with care. It has made me want to grow to be a better individual. However I am not going to be a hypocrite, for every good there is a fair share of bad, it’s a natural balance in life. I grew into being someone who is always doubtful, so afraid to trust, and always a safe distance when I meet new people all due to fear.

It might not always be always rainbows and butterflies but acceptance is key. To be able to accept that as much as you can’t change the situation around you, you can definitely change your perspectives.

This is not a post for self pity, this is a post that could hopefully inspire to stop bullying as a whole. I do not harbor any hatred for the people who have brought pain to me because I know people do grow up or at least are capable of change.It really was very hard for me to pen my thoughts into words, especially when i did not enjoy the memories one bit, but i want people who are going through what i am to know that i understand how painful it must be and for them to know that they are not alone, they have a friend in me who wants to help, who wants to reassure that IT WILL GET BETTER.  Always believe that you are never given more than you could handle,overcoming the setback will only make you a better SO MUCH MORE STRONGER person.

We are the new generation of  leaders who will be able to swerve and inspire young minds to embrace change,positivity and to always have love in their hearts. Imagine a much respectable future ahead where our children do not have to worry about fitting in but being able to appreciate themselves as unique individuals. I yearn for that, do you?
Remembrance of My late brother, Mohd Aidil Bin Jasni
Monday, October 15, 2012 @ 12:22 AM | 0 individual(s)

Losing my late brother was really the hardest event and the greatest ordeal for the family to go through. This has always been a sensitive subject for me to ever discuss as a part of me felt that i  do not owe anyone a story out of it, However when i find many questions and untrue statements surfacing on my formspring i decided it's time i speak up.

My siblings mean the world to me, growing up i was often triumphant over the fact that i have such protective siblings, they care and love me unconditionally. Growing up i faced many setbacks and they would fight my battles for me. An incident i would never forget was when i was harassed by a stranger right outside my own home and my siblings and father dashed out of the house immediately upon hearing my screams. Matter of fact my late brother even jumped out of his bedroom window as it was the nearest exit to the door. Now that is the kind of love i have been brought up with. The crazy unconditional kind, the kind where we would fight to protect each other without having second thoughts. And when very cruel untrue stories surfaced about me, it was my late brother who did his very best to make sure my name was in the clear. And the best part, he did it discreetly, i only found out much later, from his friend. I was in awe by his selfless nature.

Everyone would have their childhood memories held so closely to their hearts, and my childhood consisted of my late brother. I was 5 when i moved into my current neighborhood. At that point i really did not have anyone to play at the playground with, unless my cousin comes over. I would follow my late brother everywhere he went, that includes meeting his friends for a game of "rounders" or to the "Tamiya Track" where i would carry his box of tools for him. To make me feel included, my mother and him even bought me my very own Tamiya, which i remember was the black spider. Im pretty sure any little boy could relate with my childhood. I even ran out of the house to follow him play "Ali pom" when my mother was halfway feeding me lunch only to be dragged back by her who right at that point was chasing after me with the plate of rice still in her hand haha, that was how much i wanted to always be included in his life. I grew up playing wrestling, where i would willingly volunteer myself to have the moves tested on, my favorite was the "chokeslam" he would carry me so high up and then playfully throw me down the bed. He would give me a lift on his black haro bike and make me sit in the middle of the handlebar, which i find to be so thrilling. I know it must have been so annoying for him to have to bring me along with him all the time, but he never complained. That is one thing i admire so much about him, is that he is so patient.

Growing up i always felt like my brothers were the coolest people around. I would want to listen to the music they were listening to, play the same games they did on "sega" and afterwards "playstation" I would want to carry the same brand of haversacks to school as they did. I remember feeling very jealous as a little girl when i sent my late brother to his first day back to secondary school and seeing him talk to another girl, because i felt like i should be the only other girl he talks to.

Our relationship was built humor, witty comments, jokes be it a tease or merciless. We fought hard, like any other sibling would, but the love we had was even stronger. We grew up learning to give in, in fact he gave in a lot to me, because i was the only girl in the family. He could have resented me for it, but he did not. He loved me. He made it his mission to watch over me.

Our last holiday today is still carved so dearly to me in my heart. Hot tears are welling in my eyes as i am reminiscing our times together right now. The bond we siblings had were so strong, that when my parents looked at us, they knew we will do okay. On the streets of London we roamed, me and my late brother and eldest brother were up to our usual antics of making fun of our mother in the name of fun and throwing remarks just to annoy her and coming up with inside jokes. We had so much fun during this trip and bonded like never before, none of us knowing that this would be our last holiday together as a complete family.

Day after day, i find myself missing my late brother even more. I lost my late brother due to an accident at his workplace. It took me weeks to register that the tragic event did take place. In my mind i was hoping it was just a very very bad dream that i have not woken up from. I was devastated at one point, and confused the other. I miss having him walk into my room with his usual "HARLOW SHA. DAH MAKAN?" or teasing him for his vanity. I miss having him getting all excited telling me about a new song he discovered, or seeing him in the living room watching a soccer match. I miss hearing people telling me how nice it was to be in the company of my late brother. Beneath his quiet demeanor, he was a very funny man, a man full of wisdom, humor, and most of all heart. A man loved by so many, that we received hundreds and hundreds of people who grieved the loss of this very wonderful man.

In me i hold so much regret, of not spending enough time with him, for all the silly bickering which could have been quality conversations.

As a family, we are coping well in the situation, we believe that Allah must have loved him more and with that comes acceptance.

New chapter
Sunday, October 14, 2012 @ 7:44 PM | 0 individual(s)

As part of my movement to reinvent myself, i have deleted most of my posts in order to not be associated with all the writings i have made out of a wrath of teen angst, lovelorn, pretty much anything shallow to an unacceptable limit. However i have kept some which are so dear to me.

What readers should know about me is that i am a big and firm believer in character development, i am not in any way trying to pride it, it is because i am so ashamed of my flaws that i see a great need of change in my life constantly. It does not mean that i do not acknowledge my past, i do, it's just that i do not want to have it roaming around unnecessarily.  Someone once told me, part of being a good blogger required "juicy information", "airing your dirty laundry" and "defaming others" but what if i can stay away from all that and try to be the best i could be?

What if i could be a platform of support for the people who need it the most. What if i could inspire based on the reality that i have been through so much downward spirals but somehow i find myself coming back stronger than ever.

So here i am on a mission to show that above all, i am human, i get vulnerable, emotional, but i also do get through my bad days like a true fighter.

On that note happy week ahead to all my readers. And i truly hope you would support me in this. You know i love all of you, from the constant encouragement you've showered me, unbelievable flattery that gets me smiling. Thank you all. :)
Wednesday, July 27, 2011 @ 7:45 PM | 0 individual(s)

Life is really unpredictable, as we know it,one moment someone's in the pink of health, next, gone.

When i was younger, i always find myself in silly squabbles with my mother and holding it against her for it. Growing up i find myself laughing it off after similar situations, we'd eventually make up for it as quickly as possible with a warm hug, or simply by giving off a familiar stare which speaks "do you really still want to be angry over the incident?" and we'll start chatting and explaining how we each felt and why we reacted the way we did.

What makes a good parent? Some people think it's about being a best friend towards their children? Maybe? but a line must be drawn. My religion has taught me the importance of a parent, and how it is of the highest status, and with that comes my undying love and respect for them. The idea of possibly losing them is beyond my deepest fear.

You know, their presence has always been able to calm me, it's the great familiarity of my mother's footsteps coming towards my room

the smell of delicious home cooked food, knowing she has put in alot of effort to making sure she rotates our favourite dishes

the squeaky cleanliness of the house

her gentle touch

how she willing to brush my hair and feed me when im sick

and that both parents would go through any extend to keep me away from harm even if it means putting up a fight for me

and how i can easily fall asleep whenever i lay my head on her lap/shoulder

or how i get so happy whenever i hear my dad come home, being able to recognize the sound of his set of keys and leaping of of bed in joy towards him and give a peck

how he looks at me in the most adoring manner and afterwards smile when i catch him and tell me to not grow up too quickly or that i look like my mother and pay me a compliment.

giving me a neck massage with his strong arms and those very arms make sure that i never have to lift a single thing when we're out

how they both call me princess

all the teasing and jokes we share

being sandwiched in between my parents in their bed and watching tv with them and hearing their comments

These are all the things that i could not live without, their touch, the scent, and everything about them that i completely love and admire. I pray to god that my love ones will always be kept safe. Every waking moment with the people i love being around shall not be taken for granted.

But if i don't wake up to another day, i want the people that i love to know that my devotion has been nothing but sincerity, that they have been the biggest part of making me grow as an individual, that i've always believed in them and that they've made my years worthwhile,i want them to know that i've tried my best to be there for them and apologize for the times i've not, i want my parents to know that they are the best parents a child could ever ask for. I want the love of my life to know that he has made me the happiest person on earth,that he has made me whole and the woman that i am today, and that he has above all guided me into learning how to love myself. I want my circle of few true friends to know that i am thankful for having them as my companions and that it has been a great honor to have them and that so few could be as lucky as i am to find true friends instead of just acquaintances. I want each and everyone who has been a part of my life to know that they have made an impact and played a great role in it. I want everyone to know that i have lived life with a good mixture of being safe, yet reckless, i've chased my dreams,though not far enough, i know the sky is the limit and i've never been a quitter. I've battled my insecurities, i've overcome obstacles, i've been adventurous, theatrical, overly dramatic, insane, silly, goofy and yet i have also been subtle, and found tranquility, and i thank god for the blessed life i have been given.

Alhamdulillah, syukur ya allah.

What makes a good woman?
Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 10:28 PM | 0 individual(s)
Is it the clothes? is it looking good? is it the cliche "personality counts" statement?

Personally i think it's all the above.
"let's take beauty out of the equation unless you talk about a beauty that exudes from a person, not just their physical appearance" however, an extra effort in looking presentable goes a long way.
I've read that woman tend to neglect their looks after too being comfortable with their man. I mean, i think every man want's to return to their woman feeling like a king,therefore the little extra effort you put into looking good for your man does count afterall, they do notice the difference even if men are infamous for not spotting the detail, even if it's just a dash of of perfume or to have your hair set in place nicely it really does count. You can agree to disagree but it's proven that the extra effort adds as a booster to self confidence.

"Whats within her heart"
Simple as it sounds, let's face it, we live in a world filled with pretentious people, hypocrisy is an addiction and so few choose to remain true. Take time to appreciate the good in yourself-strengthen it, and see good in your partner instead of waiting to find their every flaw and use it against them.

"someone who you'd consider as a best friend. Someone you can laugh a lot with. That goes for both me making her laugh and vice versa.Someone who enjoys a lot of the same things I do and I get to enjoy some of the things she does that perhaps I did not before."-altered from the original source

Learn to appreciate a man who take time to find out more about you and create small talks just to find more about you, or the man who knows your every little detail and still couldn't get enough. Or the man who stays up to put you to sleep on the phone. The one who sends good morning and goodnight text just to perk up and enlighten your day and end it by comforting you into the sweetest slumber.

Practice humility, be there when he's down, treat him nice and show him that you love him. Personally i do not want to be a good woman, i want to be a great woman, not just for my man, but for the people close to me as well. Lighten up and don't be so uptight all the time. Get your man to understand your needs and want's, having heart to heart conversations proves to strengthen relationships.

Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 3:14 PM | 0 individual(s)
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"

I had the ideal dream once, dancing in a cuban bar, walking wanderlessly in rome and staring up into the night sky, looking at the moon, captivated by it's beauty, i'd get a tan in bali and go crazy in las vegas, trekking in Nepal. I'd like to skydive, rockclimb and maybe even play stranded on a beach-survivor style, now that im growing up i wonder if its even close to possible. My crazy zest for life is fading, i see myself caught in my dull mundane routine wondering if i'd get there, maybe it's a phase, cos i do want to achieve my wildest dreams, with the man that i love by my side. "I dont want to end up simply having visited the world"
Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 10:22 PM | 0 individual(s)
We all yearn to be special, to be showered with love conditionally, to feel prioritized, to be the one he has on his mind all day, the one he comes running to shower affection after a tiring day,the one he, to spend countless hours on the phone just to get over the whole "missing you" period. We all yearn for a greater sense of heaven.
Thursday, January 28, 2010 @ 10:51 AM | 0 individual(s)

"I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman"

Saturday, January 23, 2010 @ 1:14 AM | 0 individual(s)
The world is a stage. And the play is badly cast; oscar wilde
The bitch parade.
Sunday, December 06, 2009 @ 9:41 PM | 0 individual(s)
Stay home Sathurrday was well spent and heavenly in many ways. A hearty alfredo pasta with chicken meatloaf, a failed mashed potato, served with buttered corn and coke, prepared with my little helper. Oily pasar malam food so sinful yet oh so good. And of course the wonderful company of a loved one. Its the simple things that makes it worth it.

Sunday was spent under my block for a neighbours wedding, half the day was spent there. Its amazing how the block is closely knitted and neighbours are like family. From playing cards, round 2 of Nasi Briyani, round 3 of cakes to the trip to the playground with the kiddies and the young ones. It was all good. 

Contradicting to the blog title? Spot on. There's something that i had put some thoughts into, why do we pride in the people who critisize, mock, humiliate and pride in themselves. It seems like a worldwide phenomenon. Most love to love the people who put a mask on, or do we really? There are people who think that they are above others in many ways and that entitles them to a free pass to look down on the rest of the earthlings. Or the people who forgot what humility is? Its sad. Because the bitch parade is almost like a movement. Its almost like saying "Hey! Its okay to make someone else a laughingstock cos it shows that we are above others." It isn't nice if you think of it, yes its a free world, but that does not entitle us do bring damage on other people, why are we priding in all the bitching? What happened to the good old humblepie?

Till then will upload pictures from the weekend and beyond.
Thursday, October 22, 2009 @ 1:37 PM | 0 individual(s)
When i first started blogging, it had nothing to do to being the most popular blogger or anything about fame. I figured it would be a space where i can write my thoughts freely without being judged upon or even to be ridiculed or whatever it might be. I really do not appreciate all the unsightly tags though i am extremely grateful to whoever who had backed me up. You see, people can have their say about me, which i could say is extremely unfair but then again everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, im just sorry to those who have always seen the negative parts of other people instead of appreciating their positive qualities. This does not only apply to me but it applies to everyone out there, have you ever walked down a road and see someone who is physically impaired and immediately you make fun of him or her, if you have a heart, you'd stop and ponder and start appreciating the fact that hey, the person really has nice hair, or a really charming smile. Have you? Most of us are too caught in our superficial thoughts we forget to value things, to appreciate things, to be grateful to the little blessings we get like the wonderful weather(not now though) or the fact that our mothers have cooked up a nice meal for us, when you start valuing the little things that is when you are a whole new different person and you will feel rejuvenated. Try it. Though this might have nothing to do with my tagboard hahaha just put some thought to this. Bless your hearts if you've read this. Have a nice day all. :)
We are one.
Monday, March 09, 2009 @ 3:14 PM | 0 individual(s)

We are the heartbeat and our souls speak
And all the beauty I have ever dreamed
Is right here in front of me
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 4:04 AM | 0 individual(s)
Stay with me
Beyond the end
I treasure you
You made me whole again
Quraisha Jasni

"Dreams are necessary to life. ".
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